Hängebrücke Mutschnengia

Hängebrücke Mutschnengia

Lukmanier - copyright Gotthard-Connects

Lukmanier - copyright Gotthard-Connects

Tour description

Tracking the world’s longest tunnel
57 kilometres and around 20 minutes separate train travellers from the North and South of Switzerland thanks to the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world’s longest tunnel. But it is more interesting to experience the trail from Erstfeld to Bodio, which lies above it, at walking pace.

Stage 3 Sedrun - Lukmanierpass

Almost nothing in Sedrun suggests that two additional 800-metre access shafts were sunk into the rock here in order to reach the underground NEAT building site. Plans to convert this access tunnel into the so-called „Porta Alpina“ station for tourist use came to nothing. Aside from the Infocenter Gallaria Alpina, the only visible leftover of the NEAT construction site is the artificial bathing pond Claus Surrein, which was constructed using excavated material and is enjoyed by guests and locals in the summer. We have the Tavetsch Intermediate Massif to thank for this attraction, which caused more difficulties during the drilling work than expected. This required extensive safety measures which generated additional excavation rubble. The third stage of the Gotthard Tunnel Trail passes this lake, before the trail continues eastwards to Val Medel along the path to the Lukmanier pass – because the direct route through Val Nalps and Pass da Nalps is reserved for mountain climbers. Before descending to Val Medel, the hilltop at Stagias is a great place to picnic for breathtaking all-round views, or you can even descend a little further to spend the night in the little brown-coloured Graubünden village of Mutschnengia with its hanging bridge. The onward trail to the Lukmanier pass breathes the spirit of traders and pilgrims, as is evidenced by the chapel of Sogn Gagl. You will spend the night in the hospice, where once pilgrims, merchants and other travellers rested, and where the sick and injured were tended.


Variant A: you walk from Stagias direction Plauns and via Plaun Pardatsch towards Drual back to the mainroute. But then you miss out on the hangingbridge adventure.


You can reach Sedrun by train.

Postbus stops: Curaglia - Platta - Pardé - Fuorns - Pardatsch - Sogn Gions - Sogn Gagl - Lukmanier Staumauer - Lukmanier Passhöhe

Tipp: Hangingbridge Val Mutschnengia

Option: Overnight stay in Hotel Cuntera, Mutschnengia Tel. 081 947 63 43 or
Hotel Vallatscha, Curaglia (detour approx 30 min.) Tel. 081 936 44 90

Attention: In winter from midd october till midd june this trail is covered with snow. In Summer it is also possible to pass through snowfields. Inform yourself before you start your tour.

Further stages

Previous stage: Bristen - Sedrun
Next stage: Lukmanierpass - Cari

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  • Etappe 3: Sedrun - Lukmanierpass Zuerst geht es hinunter an den Vorderrhein, hier noch ein Bergbach, und hinauf und hinab, immer mit tollem Ausblick ins Tal. In Stagias verpassen wir den Einstieg in den Wanderweg und laufen der Asphaltstrasse hinunter bis Mutschnengia, wo wieder eine spektakuläre Hängebrücke über das Tobel führt (Bild 4). Nun geht es, parallel zur Passstrasse, auf der anderen Seite des Bachs, hinauf zum Lukmanierpass, wobei der Wanderweg immer wieder den Hang hinauf und wieder zum Bach hinunterführt, das Rauschen des Wassers als ständiger Begleiter. Schon bald sieht man am Horizont die Staumauer. Da in der Galerie auf der Ostseite des Sees gearbeitet wird, nehmen wir den längeren, beschwerlicheren Weg um den See, ein Mehraufwand, der sich lohnt.

Places along the route: Sedrun - Stagias - Mutschnengia - Acla - Lukmanierpass


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First published: Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2015

Last updated: Mittwoch, 13. September 2017

Tour published by: Presented by www.st-gotthard.com

Tour characteristics

Distance: 23.5 km | Time requirement: 7¼ h
Ascent: 1107 m | Descent: 589 m
Highest point: 1917 m.a.s.l.

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Web: www.st-gotthard.com
Web: www.gotthard-tunnel-trail.ch - order your hiking guide here!

Sedrun Disentis Tourismus
Via Alpsu 64a
CH - 7188 Sedrun
Tel.: +41 81 920 40 30
Mail: info@disentis-sedrun.ch
Web: www.disentis-sedrun.ch

Kur- und Verkehrsverein Val Medel
CH - 7184 Curaglia
Tel.: +41 81 920 33 66
Web: www.medel.ch

Accommodations along the trail:
Hotel Cuntera, Mutschnengia
Tel.: +41 81 947 63 43
Web: www.hotel-cuntera.ch

Hotel Vallatscha, Curaglia (kleiner Umweg ca. 30 min.)
Tel.: +41 81 936 44 90

Hospezi St. Maria, Lukmanierpass
Tel.: +41 81 947 51 34
Web: www.lukmanierpass.ch

Centro Pro Natura Lucomagno, Acquacalda (approx. 45 min. further or with post bus)
Tel.: +41 91 872 26 10
Web: www.pronatura-lucomagno.ch

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Web: www.alpineschool-mammut.ch
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